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New Lineage 2 private servers

1. TheNostromo 1
2. DarkSide 1


  • » XP: x3 , SP: x3 , Adena: x3 , 7S: x4
  • » Spoil: x5 , Drop: x5 , Questrate: x5
  • Features

  • » Safe Enchant is 4, then 80% up to +6, after that decrease by 5%
  • » Free teleport for levels 1-40, to help the newbies.
  • » On completing the Academy, the character receive 1kk + CRP scroll. This CRP scroll, when consumed by clan leader of clan level 5 or higher grants the clan 600 Clan Reputation Points(CRP).
  • » Many classes have added skills to ease the farm including custom skill for mana regeneration.
  • » Special Tattoos: Fighter and Mage. They contain all the buffs necessary for farming, leveling. Every character is born with Tattoo for its class. After character login always remove/equip your Tattoo to receive its effects.
  • » All buff skills - given/self are reworked for the new gameplay.
  • » No NPC Buffer in towns. No need for it, since you have tattoos.
  • » Additional buffs can be acquired from the existing buff classes. Buff time is retail, buff count is 12+4.
  • » Class change is with Quest or NPC with adena in Gludin and Gludio for 1st and 2nd occupation. 3rd is with quest, some quest items are in the NPC in Giran.
  • » 7S work on two weeks. You can join, exchange and receive bonuses normally. Farming in Necro/Cata is possible without joining 7S. Custom GK in all Towns up to Giran.
  • » Black Marketeer of Mammon sell all Divine Inspiration books, also exchange Seal stones and do other functions.
  • » Crafter NPC in Giran with materials, no need for recipes.
  • » L2Indigo Blacksmith in Giran. Similar to Mammon.
  • » Craft of Epic Jewels exist, to help solo players in the server.
  • » More information about the features in our Forum.
  • Bots and Dualbox

  • » Botting in the server is Strictly Prohibited! Characters will be send to Jail forever without warning!
  • » No Dualbox in the server. One account per ip only.
  • No Donation

  • » Donations currently are NOT accepted in the server.

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