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General Discussion / Re: Dualbox
« on: February 20, 2024, 10:46:36 PM »
Ok i like servers with one box, but how can get material i just started and what i can do without spoiler, do we learn spoiler skills ? Also what buffs have this tattoo? There are 3rd skills buff in tattoo?
its a low/mid rate server and going without spoiler/crafter u can make it to 60lvl with half c grade gear,in other hand spoilers/crafters are boosted with summons and can lvled to 80lvl alone without help like buffers.
Full buff means everything from attack/deffend buffs + 3rd class buffs but without any ressists,u can find them in buffer chars.Buffs from buffers gives alittle boost over tatoo.
Someday i will provide more accurate info about all buffs in Tatoo.

General Discussion / Re: Dualbox
« on: May 14, 2023, 06:22:35 PM »
u dont need dual box!all chars are with full buff and added skills to make everything alone!

Announcements / Changes 27.09.2022
« on: September 27, 2022, 10:01:20 AM »
Decrease price in shops(Varka/Ketra),increase price for molars x5 but chances from loot still remain like retail for now.That will make S grade armor recipes not so hard to obtain.

Add new sell list for quest Four Goblets in Black Market npc in Giran(exchange with Broken Relics).That will skip entering in Sepulchers but for a higher price.

Announcements / Changes 26.04.2022
« on: April 26, 2022, 08:35:09 AM »
Clan Lvl 6,7,8 now can be Up with even 1 member in clan,but for a price!

Lvl 6 -> 10k Rep.points + 100k Indigo Coins
Lvl 7 -> 20k Rep.Points + 200k Indigo Coins
Lvl 8 -> 40k Rep.Points + 400k Indigo Coins

Info in Game is updated us well!

Announcements / Changes 18.04.2022
« on: April 18, 2022, 04:36:04 PM »
1.Festival of darkness is set to 3 ppl in party min.
2.Rift Instance is set to 3 ppl in party min.
3.Add Sell list in BlackMarket.Exchange for stakato fangs from Zero Hour Quest.Its the same like quest but u can take it x1.
4.Raid Boss respawn time is change to 36h.
5.Arrows/Soul Ore/Spirit Ore weight removed.
6.Add more accuracy to summons.

All changes are add in "Mods in Server"

Announcements / Indigo Coins
« on: March 16, 2022, 07:47:26 AM »
Indigo coins already can be trade/sell/buy!!

Announcements / Pathnode Enable
« on: March 15, 2022, 07:12:32 AM »
Pathnode Enable.It will be in test period.For any problems with geodata/pathnode please be free to post in forum(problem+location).

Announcements / Server is open.
« on: March 01, 2022, 12:21:23 AM »
Server is open.
Enjoy and Play Fair.

Announcements / Class Quests Guide
« on: February 26, 2022, 08:01:08 PM »
If you dont know the steps for class quests/quests and need more info about lineage2 use this link:

Announcements / Mods in server
« on: February 16, 2022, 09:06:16 AM »
  • Free Teleport                    For Newbie characters till 41lvl.
  • SHOUT                             GLOBAL/TRADE chat is possible after level 40.
  • Olympiad                         new hero every 2 weeks.
  • Siege                               Every 2 weeks for now (it will depend on server population)
  • CRP scroll                         Can be Use only from clan liders.On use clan gets 600 rep.points
  • Clan Academy                   On dispel , newbie obtain CRP scroll and 1kk adena
  • Epic Jewels Craft               Recipes are 60%(lvl 9) material needed is like S grade weapon.Can be found in Indigo Shop or Drop/Spoil PI.
  • Epic Orb                           Key material for craft epic jewels.Can be obtain from mobs.Drop/Spoil Monastery
  • Special GK                        Npc can be found in Dion/Giran towns.Key points for teleport,like cata/necro/toi
  • GK                                   Created new port point from Dion to Floran and opposite.New gk in Primeval Isle,new port point to EG from Dion GK
  • Indigo Crafter                   NPC which can craft all key materials[included SSD/SSC BSSD/BSSC (not cheap)]
  • Black Marketeer               Can exchange Seal Stones for AA/AA for adena/remove SA,Merchant of Mammon trade list,also sell all Divine Inspiration.All Goods costs money and indigo coins
  • 7sign                              U can use cata/necro even you character is not parcipate for cycle
  • .exp                               Stop you to gain exp but not SP.
  • .online                            View online players in server.
  • .stat                               View basic stat on player.
  • SHIFT+CLICK                  View drop list on mob
  • Drop Calculator               On site can found this menu.On search shows real drop/chance/location etc from this server.
  • /unstuck                        15 sec SOE
  • Class Change                  U can get 1st and 2nd occ without quest but for a higher price[1kk and 5kk]
  • Epic Bosses                    All are lvl 80 respawn 1 week/boss jewel drop 100%
  • Bosses                           We try to make them easy to kill.Drop x1
  • Raid Bosses                     Change Respawn time to 36h
  • Invetory Slots                 Dwarf 140 slots/non Dwarf 120 slots
  • Tallum Light Set              Change Bonus.Now is like higher BW light set
  • Major Arcane Set            Change Bonus.Now is higher DC robe.
  • Soul Bow                        Change from very slow to slow
  • Soul Crystals lvl13           Add in Crystal Shop in Giran for higher price.
  • Ofline Shop                     Without command,sit to sell and exit the game.
  • Recipe Book                    Increase slots in Recipe Book from 50 to 100.
  • Geodata                          Not Perfect but better than nothing.
  • Towns                             HP/MP regen in towns is increase with 6k(nice for crafters)
  • Master Toma                   Only 1 location in Coal Mine
  • Indigo Mobs                    Every mob on respawn have chance (10%) to become Indigo mob which drop Indigo Coins on RANDOM CHANCE between 0-250.
  • PI                                  Decrease agro range on groups.
  • Armor Enchant                Safe +4.On +6 to set,visial effect.
  • Weapon Enchant              Safe +4
  • Weight Limit                    For non dwarfs x2
  • Private Sell Slots             For Dwarvs[8],nonDwarfs[7]
  • Festival of Darkness         It is set to 3 instead of 5 players
  • Rift                                 It is set to 3 instead of 5 players
  • Zero Hour                       New sell list in Black Market npc with stakato fangs
  • Four Goblets                   New sell list in Black Market npc in exchange with Broken Relics
  • Varka/Ketra Quest           Increase x5 exchange molar/seed,decrease price in shop(Varka/Ketra)
  • 3rd class quest                Summon Halisha needs now 100 mobs instead of 700.
  • Weight Removed             Arrows/Soul Ore/Spirit Ore
  • Clan Level                      Clan Level 6,7,8 can be Up only with 1 member in clan,but for a price.More info in Vilidge Masters.
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Announcements / Change Log Skills
« on: February 16, 2022, 07:17:05 AM »
    Some skills are change,focus is on grinding from all classes even buffers have their attack skills!
    • Add 2 Tattoo's fighter/mage              Added basic buff set without specific buffs like resists/evasion/accuracy etc.
    • Disturb Undead/Might of Heaven       Improve power/mana consume and remove condition about undead mobs.
    • Surrender to Unholy                         Add new skill on buffer class.Same effect like other skills on same type.
    • Invocation                                       Instead of recharge mana over time,now give max to 500MP at cast.Re-use 15min(to fit with server gameplay)
    • Buffs from Characters                       Buffs used in tattoo's are lower for buffers in order to not duplicate effects.
    • Fighter Class                                    Improove dmg on mobs for better farm.
    • Spoilers                                             Add summon for helping on solo grinding/2nd summon after 3rd occupation.
    • Crafters                                             Add new golem with better stats after 3rd occupation.
    • BD/SWS                                            Add Heavy Armor Mastery and some skills for Shield deffense. Add max lvl on deflect arrow.Now they have roles for 2nd tanks.
    • Archer class                                       Add crit power 6lvl/crit chance 3lvl on all classes.
    • Rapid Shot                                         Add more range and power on skill.
    • Dead Eye                                           Add more attack spd and chance on skill.
    • Pain of Sagitarius                               Add more mana gain on use.
    • Quiver of Holding                               Add skill to PR and SR.
    • Dagger Class                                     All daggers have equal chance/power lvl.
    • Mana Relax                                       Added new skill for faster regeneration of mana.
    • OL/WC                                             Lower consume mana/hp drain/Reload on Life Leech/Steal Essence.
    • WC/OL                                              Improove heal skills.
    • Chant of Honor                                 Add new skill on WC class.Restore party members CP.
    • Ritual of Life                                     Add skill to WC class.
    • Gate Chant                                       Add skill to OL class.
    • Gloom Essence                                  Added gloom effect skill on OL/WC.
    • Summoner Classes                            Added buff set skill after 2nd occ/lower other buffs skills equal to buffer classes.
    • Summons                                         Summons are 2 hours,Cubics remain 20 min.
    • Summons                                         Add more Accuracy in  summons buff.
    • Dye's Buffers                                    Add INT+4/MEN-4 and INT+4/WIT-4 to PP,SE,EE,BP,WC,DC.
    • HEALS                                             Add extra heals to EE,PP,SE
    • Ultimate Defence                              Tanks UD stats increase to 20k p.def/mdef
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