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New Lineage 2 private servers

1. TheNostromo 1
2. DarkSide 1
27.02.22 12:00

Accounts are not auto create!

  1. You must download our updater Win7 users) or Win10 users).
  2. Delete your old system folder. Unrar our updater and place the files in your game directory /Lineage II and make Full Check.
  3. Meanwhile you can register account in the site.
  4. Then go to your e-mail and activate your account from the mail sent to you from our site.
  5. Once the client has been updated with all the necessary files for our server, you can log in and start playing.
  6. Have fun!

    Any kind of auto-farm, interface farm, botting, everything which is not physical playing will send you to jail. Don't do it!

    Author: Admin

Author: D3M0 Date: 20.02.24 20:46

Author: TnT Date: 20.02.24 19:44

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